Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious Trauma

  Vicarious Trauma When helping you hurts me Saturday May 6 / 17 9 – 12 am $50 at the door With Susan Brandt StreetLevel Consulting At the Little White Chruch with graffiti on it 240 15 Ave SW Calgary

poverty and homelessness

– What about looking for real solutions to poverty and homelessness – what about attacking the root of the problem instead of reliving a Dickinson nightmare we being poor was nothing short of being criminal – we criminalize poverty. So…


What is a trauma? Trauma literally means wound, injury, or shock” In psychological terms, “traumatic events” have traditionally been considered those that harm the psychological integrity of an individual. A given stressful event is not traumatic in itself, but may…


When Is It Time To Seek Counselling? When anxiety, worry, or fear interferes with regular activities. When feelings of guilt persist and don’t yield to confession and the usual spiritual disciplines. When one feels perpetually like a victim. When anger…