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St. Francis
Thank you Lord that your grace
helps us to realize
that rebellion against weakness,
sins mistakes as pride
of those who
think themselves perfect
and forget that we are
Ah If only your pride
understood you perform
miracles to sustain
true and genuine humility

There were two best friends; one a judge and one a business man. One day the business man got caught and charged with fraud: a real large amount of money. And, when it came through the courts his best friend sat as the judge.
After the case was presented, the gavel came down and the judge passed the toughest sentence ever, a $ 1,000,000 fine. Then he stepped down from the podium and took off his judge robes and came over to his business man friend and said, “Friend, I have sold my house and all I own and have paid your fine.” This is what Jesus did for us. The judge has paid the price for our sins.

Your smile warmed me
awake as I lay drunk
in the snow.
Your hand touched
nursing healing my sores.
Your voice surrounded me
in words of prayers of hope for my well being
and God’s blessing.
Your feet travelled
to encourage me, visit me
in jail, in hospital, in the park.
All that you are is challenging me
steadily to be all I can be beyond my dreams.
Thank you to all of you
from all of me.
– “Fox”