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Don't Call Me Christian



Don’t call me a christian

I’m much too human a being for that
I get angry like Peter
angry enough to chop off an ear
or overturn tables like Jesus
I sin like David and doubt like Thomas
I pout like Jonah
I suffer and I curse
I curse my birth like Job
Wish I was never born

I long for a woman
as God naturally intended for man
And in my chains longing and lust overwhelms
And for it i have been called
A hypocrite, unchristian, by unchristians and all

And perhaps they are right I am not sinless at all
Nowhere near Christ like

So don’t call me a christian

I am a follower of Jesus
with good intentions

thats all


Thank you my friend
For not flaunting your christianity
like others do
advertizing the Son of god
on a cheap bumper sticker
and braying like a donkey
on a street corner
that you too have been saved

Thank you my friend
for sparing me
the plethora of pious platitudes
the ceaseless button holing
and the crass insistence
that Jesus can only be seen
from your point of view

Thank you my friend
for giving me freedom
to walk alone and think
and sparing me the agony
of falling victim
to group conformity
and reducing me to a statistic

May God bless you my friend
for restoring my faith
you spared me
from the cancer of cynacism
and the slough of despondency
I was comfortless and sick
yet you visited me


I watched you today as you went on your way
on lifes very difficult road
with much on your mind you were patient and kind
while bearing your heavy load
when spoken to harshly and critisized
you had reason for anger its true
but you didnt revile; you replied with a smile
and I thought I saw Jesus in you

The day wore away and you took time to pray
Your maker you humbly did seek
You prayed for the one who smote you
When you turned the other cheek
Then I hoped for a better tommorrowFor one so deserving and true
O friend as I followed your footsteps
I KNEW I saw Jesus in you

I Am Somebody
I May Be Poor But I Am Somebody
I May Be Young But I Am Somebody
I May Be On Welfare But I Am Somebody
I May Be Small But I Am Somebody
I May Make A Mistake But I Am Somebody
My Clothes Are Different
My Face Is Different
My Hair Is Different
But I Am Somebody
I Am Black, Brown, White
I Speak A Different Language
But I Must Be Respected, Protected, Never Rejected
I Am God’s Child.