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Entertain Angels Unaware

Millette Addison

Entertain Angels Unaware
by Millette Addison

I lie awake cold and alone,
No place to call my home,

Upon the night,
Darkness is my light,

Everywhere I roam,
To find a place to sleep,

With no shoes upon my feet,
No material things do I keep,

The ground is cold,
My stomach is empty,
As I see people who have plenty.

No one cares for me,
For I am homeless you see,

I have had a hard life,
It started the day I lost my wife,

I don’t want sorrow or pity,
Just some love and care,

Maybe some shampoo to wash my hair.
People pass me by,

Without a tear in their eye,
Never giving a hand,

What If I was an angel?
Sent from God above.

To test man of,
His brotherly love?

You will never know,
If you never give true brotherly love,

For we entertain angels unaware,
Never knowing the true spirit hidden there,

This poem is given,
To you as a lesson,

Whenever passing someone in need,
Let go of the greed,

Stop and heed to your heart,
To the call your heart has be given,

Help those in need,
While you are living,

And you will entertain angels unaware!