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Inner Heat


Who cares about the beggar on the street
with his frostbitten hands and his worn out feet
Stop lookinto his eyes ,you wont see any heat
for the flame has long died and this man feels defeat
take a moment, dont judge him or say he is to blame
for putting himself through such sufferring and pain
remember this poor soul too has a name
in Gods eyes you are both the same
for here is a man for unknown reasons
has given up hope and stopped believing
not caring if he makes it through another season
left without dignity and feeling no woprth
maybe its self inflicted or it could be from birth
rejection cuts deep and the hurt wont heal
all this man knows is he needs another meal
lifes circumstances have btought him to beg borrow and steal
there is no medicine on the shelf
to make him feel good about himself
only love and understanding can cure his mental and emotional health
so take the time to talk with him a while
it might be just what he needs to go that extra mile
and as you are about to part you may notice a slight smile
you will come to feel in a short while
the inner heat you have brought to that poor exile