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Irish Tales

Dennis Carey

An Irish Journey

I pine to walk on an old road near a remote village in Eire;
My true loves hand in mine, and I am welled up with joy in my heart.
This soul of mine for once has lost the sense of a displaced person.
I stand on the land my spirit can live in stillness, and be not hurting.
I can walk along the cliff of one her peninsulas and be home;
There my heart breaks for those who left and never returned.

Might I sit on the grass and look to her green mountains,
Or stay awhile in a whitewashed house of the Irish country side?
I could walk on a road leading to a loch, and find time to daydream;
I will go to her cities and be struck with the ancient churches and buildings.
In her graveyards, I intend to read headstones, and bring to mind family names;
They are places to recall tragedies – famine years, wars, and evils perpetrated.

Maybe I will be in a curragh with a fisher and row out in the ocean;
Surely I must ramble on her coastline to hear music of the Irish sea .
I can make a trip to where stone circles live on her ancient land,
Or where dolmens – the portal tombs sleep on her pasture.
I could visit castles and be in awe of its history & architecture;
There I will bring to thought the Vikings raids of monasteries.

I fancy to be in her centers of education, and learn of her writers;
It is a place to recall hedge schools as the only source of education.
Never are you to forget the untiring politicians who fought for her rights,
As people do not have to be subjected to rule by another country.
One should garner knowledge of the folklore & superstitions in the land of peat,
And why the Irish keep close to their religion, and have a fondness for the drink.

Moreover – sing songs of tradition with music of the fiddle in a pub;
You may put down a few pints to add to the merriment of the occasion.
You walk in a field of heathland & bog and get caught in a shower of rain;
Later you sleep a few nights in a meadow, and capture the earth’s soul.
You visit ground of battle sites where your forefathers so courageously died;
They fought for the green land so dearly loved in the depths of their marrow.

All the time in this journey your true love is at your side.

Dennis Carey, Late July 2011


Summer Blues

Summer is nearing its end, like so many before, its shadow is passing;
I did not make it to the hills and see the wild mountain thyme in bloom once more.
There was no escape for me to the wilds of nature my heart deeply longs for;
The demons in my life are still attacking me with their forces every morning.

I can only take so much of the place I live, as I require an escape to be alive;
I feel there is no meaning to my life, and I am at wits end – it is knocking.
I need a miracle in my life, as I do not have strength & will of my own;
I so much want to be living in the land of emerald the rest of my days.

I am sure there I could have a promise of a new life – not here!
Perhaps there I would try at least to get on a better footing, as I have none here.
Hopefully, the spirit of its land will renew in me life like a spring of water!
For my other home, the ‘Rock’, has not invited me to see her another year.

Should I dwell not on these things so much, as I know they are killing me inside?
Will I have to concentrate on promises of the Creator – for it may be my only hope?
The only true home for me might only exist above, in the house of the Almighty;
For we are told that in His house there are many mansions.

Dennis Carey, Early September 2011



Where is the still water I long to be near and gather its peace,
Or the green field I can lay down on, and find the rest I need?
Where is the emerald hill I wish to see and thus be lifted in my spirit,
Or the forest I desire to walk through and feel its life-force cover me?

Where is the sound of the ocean I need to hear and feel alive in my soul,
Or the old dirt road I need to walk on, and take in the scenery & reflect?
Where is the refuge I need, to lose the displacement I have, and be home,
Or the love I wish to flow into my heart and bring happiness?

Where is the Lord when the anxieties of life are too much to bare?


Should I?

Should I not endure to dwell on the demons that harm me, and live inside me,
For if I focus on these thoughts my heart will not find peace while it is beating?
I ache for the heavenly place – my true home, for I have none here; Jhn. 14:2-3, Hbr. 13:14
Where I live, the sleep I get is without rest and a torment to the soul night after night!

May I be under the protective hold of the Lord on this Earth, as His hand holds mine, Psa. 139:10
For my body and my heart are in a state of weakness, but He is my anchor. Psa. 73:26
He is to be my refuge & strength though the earth be removed and mountains fall in the sea; Psa. 46:1
I will find a shield under his wings and not hurt from the arrow or pestilence. Psa. 91: 4, 6

I have to be content with what I have, for He will not abandon or forsake me! Hbr. 13:5
The Lord’s spirit has to pour into me, along with His words, for I need their reassurance. Pro. 1:23
My trust has to be in Him to be safe in this life, like the mountain that abided forever; Pro. 29:35, 125:1
I wait for the time He will travel in the clouds for all to see him, and new life to start. Rev. 1:7

I am compelled to follow him to the end of my days, and not fret the fear of death; Psa. 23:4
After this will be a time of no tears, pain, sorrow, and crying, as these have passed away! Rev. 21:14
I want God to be my guide as long as I live on this Earth, for He is a Good God! Psa. 48:14
He can bring you out of the shadows and darkness and break their bonds from you. Psa. 107:14

I must take cares to the Lord if I am weighed down and laden with the burdens of this life. Mat. 11:28
The rest and healing I need is acquired by taking the yoke of the Lord upon me. Mat. 11:29-30
I thus not be too conscious of those things which cause anxiety, but I need His help;
Therefore, I center not my mind on these forces which are only evil, but put my trust in Him!

Dennis Carey, Mid-Late October 2011


These Times

These times for me are not easy to bear for its anxiety tenses inside my heart;
I have not had a good nights sleep for such a long time and I need the rest it can bring.
I do not foresee any change that will occur in the near future, as it stands;
People look at me and think all is fine, but not inwardly, as appearances deceive.

I wish that all my troubles would find their way to the pit of destruction for evermore;
Is it difficult to understand what it feels like to not want to live the days that move forward?
Will I ever come alive again and realize a peace I have not felt in years to heal,
Or will a flower ever bloom & radiate in the place I find myself in, and correct my life?

If we could only be free like the wings of a blackbird and go where we like,
And be able to build our own home to live out our days near a river so blue!
We all need to never have worries about clothing, shelter, food, and be loved, – for harmony;
Can we ever live in surroundings pleasant to the heart and mind, in this world?

Nonetheless, all have to remember the seen is temporal, but the unseen is eternal!1

Dennis Carey, Early November 2011


Thirty Years

A time of a score & ten years have passed like the tide, since I left the unsheltered Isle;
It is like the cloud passing, or the dew hung on the marsh grass that fades in the sun.
It perplexes the mind – it seems as if was only yesterday that I left my birth-home;
The road I travelled did not go far in the literal sense of attainment – a summation.

I do not attribute to others my down fall, only the state of my mind in a life gone amiss;
Those close have to accept the way I am, despite my faults, and not put me on trial if I go home.
I need a hug which is felt deeply, and thus be embraced like the prodigal son by a loving father;
I do not need to be lectured about my life, as I am fully aware of its position in these times.
I am to be there for a short while, and hopefully make it a time to look back on with fond memories.

I have to walk the streets of my hometown and see the change in the valley of green trees;
I would go to Leech brook, a swimming place with waterfalls – an impressive wilderness canyon.
In addition walk the picturesque woods road to Goodyear’s Dam – a winding, tree-filled, riverside haunt;
Maybe spend a few summer nights under the stars by the river so blue – the Exploits

Not to mention – spend time with those who touch your inner recesses, and harbours of affection;
Moreover, visit graves in the cemetery, and see the resting place of love ones you miss profoundly.a
Furthermore, sing songs of a Celtic nature, that move you deep inside, with friends at a gathering;
If possible, stay in a Salt-box home in one of its bays, to reflect, and capture her spirit.

I am like a lost shadow, and have never felt at peace all these years that have gone – a displaced soul;
Will this unwelcome spirit leave me one day so I am finally in a refuge called home – if even short-lived?
I have put my life in a near heart-broken situation for I am a failure & need humbling to return;
My heart is sure to face deep sadness when the time comes for me to depart again.
Lest, I can dwell there my waiting days and be at peace in a land we pray God guards.b

Dennis Carey, Late May & Early June (2) 2011

I Long

I long to sit by the river and hear the sounds of loons as they fly across the sky,
For their haunting, eerie cry are a true spirit which moves in nature.
I wish to hold a little child in my arms & on my shoulder and sway back and forth,
And take in the sounds of the baby’s cooing to delight the ears.
I yearn to hold a true friend and give her a heartfelt hug because I love her,
And as we close I seek the wind of her heart next to mine and the healing touch of one dear.

I pine to look out on the Atlantic sea from a cliff or shore line in winter,
So I can be aware & see the stormy gale, with its torrid, raging waves move to the land.
I thirst to be in a desert land, one which has sparse vegetation as a landscape;
I watch for its tempest to blow toward me the harmony of its dance.
I hope to spend time in a rain forest not only to have the mists of water fall on me,
But listen to the singing of the earth’s small creatures that abound there.

I ache to rest or sleep in a field of wheat or grass swaying in the gentle breeze,
So I can revive in me a soul within, which may be hidden, and needs life.
I am in want to sit by a river, or on the strand near the ocean, and spend the day there;
I can give ear to the peaceful water flow over rocks, or the movement of waves.
I hunger to listen to the voices of loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time, who live afar;
It will sadden you in a good way because they make you forlorn as you are not there.

I crave to attend to the sound of falling rain while I am resting before sleep;
There are not many sensations that are more pleasant to the ear.
I am eager to hear the rustling of leaves from a tree in the late fall hinterland near a river,
As this may be a sound of the forest you are never to tire – if listened to.
I dream to lie down in an old-wood barn up in the loft, on blankets over dried hay,
While there, the loudness of thunder and lightning keeps you awake to reflect.
I wait to sit under a juniper tree with the one you love – your arms together;
You hearken and are in tune with the love melodies of the Red-Wing Blackbird.

In this world there are many more simple things to have thoughts to long for;
One must summon to the mind that which you are in want to pursue.


Will I?

Will I ever walk by the sacred mountain where beauty is free,
Or climb her paths, and see the fair land unfold for me its wonder?
Will I drink the water from her stream below and purify myself,
And then be cleansed on the outside and thus have my life restored?

Will I have a true-love forever to hold and cherish with completeness?
She will sit upon your lap and whisper in your ear she loves you.
She is a woman unfailingly at your side, and will not cause your heart to break;
There is no more lovely flower in the grassland – by virtue of her inner beauty.

Will I ever have a refuge to truly call home and be surely at peace?
For we all need a place with your own oak tree to sit under and never be afraid!
Will I have faith in the promises to yet be realized from the good book?
Will I in time have a place in the Creator’s heart and make it to the gates?*

Dennis Carey, Mid-June 2011


A Woman to Love

We all need a woman to take in our arms and give a firm embrace,
So when we close, a restorative touch is felt with the pulse of our hearts.
She is a person when you are away, feeling downcast, or alone,
You have thoughts of, and sense her healing hands caress you inside.

You talk & walk with her, no matter if she is present or away;
You say in your thoughts how blessed you are to have her in this life.
She holds the most importance with you on the road you take passage;
She is by your side through troubles in the river that moves onward.

When you cuddle you meld as souls joined with the same essence;
She is to you the most beautiful of all the flowers which live in the valley.
Her heart has rare delicate petals like the lily which is so fair and lovely;
When the sun shines it brightens the locks of her hair for all to see.

You will cross a deep-blue river to be with and love her,
Or travel the wilderness with its perils to be by her side.
She is more precious than any pearl of the ocean, or desert diamond;
The height in your life is the affection she gives you each day that passes.

You must always be there to tell her you care, especially in times of trial;
You have the fullest trust in each other, for there is deep passion binding you.
You will never wilfully hurt her in any fashion for she is dear to you;
Her days have freedom to spend time with those closest in her heart.

The golden rule applies to her, as she gives help to those in need.
If she were to part, your heart would break apart & be forever saddened;
When she hurts, or cries, it truly affects you, as your wool is blended together.
You can never tell her enough how much you love her, or all she means to you!

Her life is one of many blessings – she has a trust strong in the Lord!
She knows that in the end all will be right, because of her deep-rooted faith.

Dennis Carey, Late May 2011


Blessings in the Clouds

The clouds are dark, but they water the land so the fields will be green;
The path is stony, yet flowers grow along its sides to add fragrance & beauty.
When the sun’s rays are strong, you find a tree to sit under – shade from the heat;
The harsh sounds of the world leave, and you hear the melody of the blackbird.

When your spirit is low, uplifting help comes to you – a heart-felt hug;
In days when you are tired, you have not far to walk & find a meadow to rest.
You are lost at sea and find safety & shelter from the storm – reprieve is brought;
There will be a hill to climb when you need to look out – for solitude is there.
Your pockets are empty many days, and help comes by way of the LORD through others.

May blessings lend its hands of healing to rid the heart of pain with their embrace!
However, not all dark clouds in life have blessings hidden in them – may yours!
Blessings are like ROSES – they have soft petals, yet grow among prickly stems.

The sky is obscure, but clouds open & send rain to help potatoes grow shorn of blight;
The path is rocky, but four leaf clovers & flowers grow plentiful, away from its fringes.
Heat from the sun is hard to bear, but you are quenched with water from a cool stream;
Noise to the ear is harsh, but you are later comforted by the sound of inspiring music.

When you are feeling down, a seanachie visits you as a welcome spirit or guest;
Tired after working in the field, you rest in the alcove and dream peacefully.
The rain is coming down heavily, but the thatched roof keeps the draft & rain out;
You are in despair, but peace is established beholding emerald fields with profundity.
You are broke, but find a gold coin while digging peat in bog – a timely godsend.

May fairies come to you while you sleep, and heal your broken heart with their dust!
Blessings are like flowers growing among the rocks, may you find them in times of trouble!
They are like a PEARL of great value found in the field of significant want.

Dennis Carey, Early June 2011

Thoughts of Summer

The cold winds of winter are blowing strong in on the land;
The weather is made more bitter with this wind chill factor.
Winter has gone on long enough, but its hold is still tight;
It does not have a reason to pass by, and return where it came from.

The words of the song “Wild Mountain Thyme”a my heart draws near to;
I long to go to the hills and gather wild mountain thyme in the purple heather,
Sing heart-felt songs, songs of home, & recite poetry with meaning.
You are to be there with your true love, and good friends to spend a day.b

You envision pictures of the sun coming over the hills at sunrise,
Its going down at dusk, as we near days end, in the reddish sky.
In daytime it lights the valleys, forests, hills, rivers & mountain lakes;
It does this with its golden-yellow life source flowing over these places.

We must first wait for the snow to melt, for new growth to begin;
The dark & somber clouds of the cold season must also pass by.
We all need to experience literally the blackness of winter first,
For when it is not here, we can take to heart more the arrival of summer.

We anticipate the leaves on the trees to be in fullness of bloom to see;
We then know with certainty, summer is here to stay.
Likewise, the flowers of the field have come up and blossomed,
And show their beauty in shades & blends of blue, red, yellows.

Our life may be likened to a flower or tree which needs water from the soil;c
We need living water within us, or we will always be in a spiritual desert.
Greenery requires the right amount of food from the soil where it is taking root,
As we require the bread of God’s word to live, and stand up straight in good soil.
Plants depend on light from the sun to grow, flourish and yield seed;
We depend on light, not darkness, to bring happiness & peace to our soul.

This is the truth from God we need fixed in our heart to guide us;
All that has life needs help to grow, thus be developed, in the season of summer.

Dennis Carey, Early (1) March 2011

I am waiting for the day when the kingdoms of this worlda wither like the grass;
They are to be replaced by a kingdom which stands for a time forever and a day.
It is to be ruled with the fairness of the Lord God himself, the Father of Truth;
He loves righteousness & justice because He is a God of Love.

Nations are never again to war against each other and they’ll know not of war;
All then are able to sit under the cedar tree in complete peace with no fear.
People begin to walk in the ways of the Lord forever & ever;
The grave will be no more, nor there anguish, grief and weeping.
The downtrodden, heartbroken, and distressed of life are no more;
These things pass away and find their rightful place – the deep earth.b

We will dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our life and behold His beauty;
We wait to build our own homes with the work of our hands and not someone else occupy.
We long to till the soil and plant seeds for the good food we find sustenance in;
Our toil is to be blessed by the Lord thus bring much joy to our hearts,
For we are no longer slaves, like in the world we know live, and have satisfied lives.

Our earth is to be transformed into a place of extreme beauty for us to delight in;
Only pure, clear blue waters are to flow from her streams for all times.
We can look on the majesty of mountains and forests when we need tranquility;
Beasts of the field like the lion are now to be friends with the lamb and have harmony.

We are to sing praises to the Lord with music of the harp, lyre, and psaltery for his goodness;
There will be many times to spend with those close to you – who live in your heart.
Our days are never wasted and always bring us fulfillment & gladness;
We have assurance & conviction these things come to pass.

Dennis Carey, Late January 2011

Freedom in Nature

Freedom – clouds that move unhindered across the blue sky;
They travel to the mountain tops, or move over the plains.
It is the river that flows playfully to the sea in its journey of life;
It then can rest peacefully when it reaches its destination.

It is the bird that sings with joy a melody, high in the trees;
At the same time it admires the beauty from his woodland home.
It is the eagle that soars unchallenged in the skies above in its flight,
And views the grandeur below in awe, with its piercing eyesight.

It is the lady bug that crawls up a blade of grass with no fear to play;
The grass is tickled by its feet as it sways gently from a slight breeze.
It is a flower that takes in sunshine & water to grow wild and unhampered;
Thus it shows beauty for all to see, and delight in its colours.

It is the wind that is moves with a free-spirit in the forest,
And with its roaming, music is heard to gladden the land.
It is the frog that croaks on the lily pad in a shallow pond;
Thus it is free to sing out to the females and find a sweetheart.

It is the tide that moves unimpeded to the shore from its ocean home;
It brings a welcome message of freedom to all in a bottle.
It is the great whales that move unencumbered through the Earth’s oceans;
They have no foreboding about being harpooned by whalers.

It is the leaves that clap theirs hands without prompting – a joyful sound;

Prayer for a Home*
I need the winds of hope to take me to a land where my soul finds rest;
I am in search of a green field with a small stream of clear & pure water that flows by.
It leads to a thatched house standing secluded in an open field – a grass carpeted haven;
The mountains behind, at times cast their shadow of protection upon you.
Moss-covered grey rocks are observed as they add to the landscape true.

These mountain-hills are the most sea-green – your heart is lifted in their presence;
It is worth time to climb them and behold all that is before you on age-old ground.
You walk a path to fields with flowers, and clover which live in her in meadows;
You have in vision small birds as they fly across the skies of deep blue.
The land sends forth its musky scent, especially after a shower of rain, to invigorate you.

There are fences of earth-dug stone to sit against – rocks from tilling its soil;
These tell the story of those gone before you, who worked with honest hands & hearts.
Small pools of water scatter the landscape – a location of beauty to rest after a long trek;
Not far in either direction are loughs which are seen under the sometimes dark cloud cover.

You are not far from the greenest of valleys – down a flat-stone path to its setting;
A few trees dot the earthy-green landscape are to rest under, and realize your blessings.
It is a place to sing the folk songs of your heritage – gifts from ancestors;
Moreover, to lie under with the woman most dear at your side – your hearts close.

It is a hope come true to be there, before I am like the withered flower;
This land overtakes you with the spirit of those who first lived & walked its holy ground.
My heart will not heal till I am there, to live what earthly life is allowed by my Creator;
It is assured as a place of solitude which embraces you in its grip – a haunt of peace.
You see the old Celtic headstones, lichen-covered & leaning in a grassy field – home for your earthly rest.

Dennis Carey, Mid-May 2011

My Depression

I am no stranger to the blackness, pangs, and anguish of the winter’s sky;1
The cowl of dolor not only covers me, but pervades my inner self.
I wake in the morning and the demons2 are already inside me;
They are an adversary that has no intention of ever to depart.
They do not wish to leave me alone and torment me with their thoughts,
And they bring with them their cohorts who they call apprehension.
They in their literal or metaphoric forms3, in their presence hinder your days.

Where were they the previous night – the times I did get some sleep?
Do they not have some other place to go, at these moments,
Or were they confusion in my dreams – did they enter someone else?
One cast may be from Satan, the Devil himself, who only wishes to make you discouraged,
And who appears out of nowhere at different times of the day to add despair,
Or external forces – non demonic – that are within through our cogitation.

How come they make me look back at a life – a life of little sunshine & unproductive,
One which the leaf does not turn – just one of time passing, and empty?
What is it that must alter to let only a good spirit dwell in me, so to be at peace?
Why is it so hard for me to do that which I need to energize myself, and have achievement?

These times for me, in a state of continuance, have lasted too long;
I do not desire the breath of life, and to blot out my existence at tethers end.
Why are my thoughts filled with these modes that bode only ill for me?
Are there any who you believe would be hurt if you did the ultimate – a no determinant?

My life – is one of great failures with too much of the past to bring to mind.
Am I the cause of all that has occurred these years, am I the source?
Is it a slough of despond4 – a deep dark pit without light I have made for myself?
Where does my source of hope lie – is it above, from the Lord God?

Some of my thoughts are formed from the environment I live in – one barren of nature;
This is because the walls I have to look at every day are troubling to the psyche.
Did they form from an unbalance in the working of my brain,
Or are they a composite of these and other life factors which are present?

I believe I am weak, and not strong enough to face these ordeals;
I am told this lowness of spirits within is not a flaw of character.
I do so much desire to live at peace in a place of rivers, meadows, and hills,
Or to sit under my own vine and fig tree5and feel positive about life.
I say all these thoughts for I do not understand myself – my internal mind;
I pray these words of mine are coherent as to be easily understood,
For the thoughts of my expression may be of confusion from a troubled soul.

Dennis Carey, Early January 2011
Nature for Your Soul

You sit underneath the branches of a large elm tree in its summer splendor;
The ground there is a red-brown carpet of earth matted down.
A feeling of peace overcomes you as you look at the valley below;
The flora is a meadowland refuge of grass and wild flowers.
You are overwhelmed by the earth’s essence indwelling you.

Walking along the windy shore you see & hear deep-blue waters flow downstream;
The movement of white clouds adds to the picture in the expanse.
Do not these sounds & colours bring tranquility to your emotion?
This sense is augmented by the growth along its bank;
It may be riverside woodland, or a wild prairie garden with small hills.

You are on a forest path of tall trees – you move by foot to take in its beauty;
Sunlight is passing over their crowns and forming shadows on the earth.
The ground before you is brown dirt with fine rocks & twigs;
The smell of the land is a scent imparting a piquant musky odor.
Is not all this a form of life-force that goes deep into your inner being?

Standing along a highway you see the unbroken skyway ahead;
You then walk forward with your eyes fixed above in the distance.
You are in awe with the peaceful spirit of the horizon – amazed in its infinity.
Before sundown you view its red-pink embroidery and later see stars in the night;
You are gratified, for your spirit is beholden to the canopy of skies.

The sound of waves is welcome to the ears as you tread sand on the beach.
Taking off your shoes you walk through the waters of its shore.
You feel refreshed as you continue along at a slow pace;
The salt air is likened to serenity passing over & through you;
It is the inner ghost of air coming from within its movement.

The effects of the natural world in their way move your soul.
It is the euphoria stemming from the powers of the earth.*

Dennis Carey, Early May 2011


Hearts of Touch

I walk along the river and the flow of water brings me comfort like the shade of a tree;
The reds & yellows of the fall leaves gladden me on a woods path as I walk by.
Mountains I look up to bring awe to my spirit on a cold, windy, winter’s day,
And new roads I pass along renew and well up senses in me and give me hope like a ray.
There are meadows and fields I can lay on when I need to rest and find solace from troubles,
Or a tree I can climb under when I need to stay dry & view a summer rainstorm till it passes.a
These are simple thoughts of nature which bring much to lift your heart.

The deserts may be dusty, windy, hot, and too far to cross at times;
The wilderness may pose terrain that is hard to pass and filled with danger.
Currents of the rivers make journeys difficult to the other side where green valleys are dear;
Rocks and briars on the hills you climb make the upward trek filled with fear.
These are the struggles which give you a stronger yet human heart.

When there is someone in this life who you love and who loves you back thank the forces above,
But you must remember that some spend their life time without dwelling in them this spirit of love.
Sheb thinks of you often, with good thoughts, although at times she is far from you;
She is a soul in your emotions with tenderness so soft, dear, and with care.
She is like no other as her heart touches yours with a deep love, and affection,
After all it is the touch of another heart with yours that is far above all elsec

Dennis Carey, Early December, 2010d