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I lost a piece of myself today
It just broke of an rolled away
I watched it crumble, before my eyes,
I’m feeling quite rather De-sensitized
So i put up a barrier, to mask the pain
My defeatist attitude, says ,Nothing to Gain
I’m really quite strong ,in a world that is weak.
My boldness alone terrifies the meek.
I can roar like a lion, or jest like a clown.
i have stories to tell, my chivalry is renown.
My gifts are unending, my armor is steel
I’ve ridden life’s storms, and magically healed
But now i feel scattered, broken and weak
Running from devils dragged into Hell
Grab Jacobs Ladder and let out a yell
Gather hold of your life, and live once again
Put on your armor, and stand with the weak
Don’t let selfishness stand in your way.
Be gracious and thankful and let it go.
Half the battle is over, you know


Its called”Dorchester Penitentery

Dorchester Penitentery 1969,
off all the Prisons from East too West-
-This was the most Un-Kind.
It was the Alcatraz off Canada
and I was there for my first time.
I did Juvey-time for stabbings
and did the rounds off County Jails,
I knew the rules and suffered fools
and refused all Paroles or bails.
I asked nothing from no-one and practiced”monkey see”.
I wasn,t in Hell with monsters–
they were in Hell “with Me”.
I knew this life for 10 whole years
and watched the graveyard grow,
never growing smarter only growing old.
My horizons have been broadened,
my lease on Life approved.
I’ve spread my seed and done my deed
and my light is getting cold.
A kings Ransom I have paid
too enjoy what you have now.
And the air I breath and what i see
just doesn’t make sense some how.
I guess I’ve kept my bargain and this is what I reap.
I’ll enjoy my time on “Gods Green Earth” before I go beneath.


Silence is Heard

I’ve clearly sealed my own fate
The Devil is standing at my gate
A light far away appears in the sky
Is it a ray of hope i spy?
Or just a glimmer a final good-bye
The Devils greatest trick was to prove he didn’t exist
So he could lure fools like me to the Abyss
We all seem amused by the Devils tricks
No matter how tragic no matter how sick
Centuries without feeling any remorse
A world gone mad drifting off course
Playing along with the Devils games
Casting aside guilt and shame
Creating new truths and higher ideals
To replace the ones we no longer feel
New idols New icons New toys for the rich
There may be new Truths
But our same fate exists
In the end there is silence
And the Optimist waits
Surely good times beyond that Gate

Reaching out : Reaching in Thinking outside the box
Removing all the stops:living without the Props
Putting a face on delusion calling a stop to confusion
Stop stuffing yourself with garbage; stop worrying about the morgage
Try living on the edge of town Build a fence and put it all around invite your friends to your safe domain Bar B cue have a beer then do it all again. How much chicken does it take to be your friend?And Please let me know when i become one of you: Say what was that?Now you want to be like me Oh all right , If thats what you want I can show you how and lend you some props. just a sec. while i check inside the box. Its quit a compliment ,that you strive to be like me.Since all my life i strived to be you and im still not accepted it makes me blue.You may have better luck as me than i at being you.My humble beginnings began like this: I see a tiny baby sitting in a tub:His mother singing Gaelic songs and lathering him with soap;A house full of love and a Papa Working hard. souls full of magic and hearts lifted above; so if your really fixed on being me; Thats the place to start? Anyway; regardless this is just an exercise in futility ;Nobody wants to be any- one else especially silly old me. The years are creeping up on me and i tend to disagree , But feel free to judge me as you wish and take whatever you need ,I bartered for my possessions and wore Hand -me- downs My riches lay within my Heart and shine from dawn till Dusk. Theres room for you to share my space since i once wanted yours I simply thought if i could be you . I wouldn;t get Hurt so much?

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Oh my goodness
No you dont say.
Sandy Mcdonald died today.
Is that true?
Where did you hear?
Poor old Sandy,ya know,
he liked his BEER:
So wheres he being buried?
Do ya think we should go?
SANDY knew a lot off people ya know ;
I kinda liked him. A real funny guy.
Always spoke his mind;
No bullshit about Sandy finest kind ;
I heard Sandy did a dime in the joint?
Started in juvie at 14 yrs old
Stabbed some old perv in a Homo-Phobe attack
That’ll teach those queers for messin with MAC.
I hear it took him 30 yrs. to get back on track.
Hard to recover from shit like that.
Yep Sandy,knew a lot of people they say.
That Funeral Parlor will be crowded today.
Lets go early so we’ll get a seat.
We’ll stop on the way for a scotch and a beer.
Sandy would like that if he were here?
Hey bartender,another round of beer.
Yep Sandy MCDonald died today.
he was a funny guy
and he did a lot off TIME.
Visitation is from 2 until 9…


-Things that betray me glow in the dark,
My soul speaks volumes of secrets I hide.
Sleep is my friend but it too plays its part.
A touchstone ,a memory,a feeling, a sigh–
A secret Place we all have inside.
Where is your secret place? Do you even know?
When your close too me, do you feel a glow?
whispering whispering, voices so low.
Collected by spirits -playfully so.
Are you hurt by your memories and broken apart?
Is poison in your Heaven infecting your Heart?
Can you reach- out and touch me and call out ‘O” Friend?
Can I heal you with kindness and Love that I Lend?
Or do you feel “my hurt” and brokeness too.
Than dont worry “Susan” together we’ll Mend.