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Misc. Poems



Surrounded by a glass wall
seen only by myself
this cool exterior protects me
keeps me safe
holds the world
at a distance
that i might observe it
yet not experience the pain
of its vulnerability

Surrounded by a glass wall
seen only by myself
your words I hear plainly clearly
The wall does not drown them out inside this wall I am screaming
but it is lost and unheard
reverberating with in my little glass world

Surrounded by a glass wall
seen only by myself
clenching my fist in desperation
I reach out to pound on the
wall with my fist
Ask for help…reach out
but i resist
terrified by the sound of breaking glass


I once knew
a woman

so tenderhearted


when she heard
a siren
she would say
wrinkling her brow

one of MY people
is in trouble


easy come easy go through summer through snow
up and down all around this universe I go
and I’ll walk upon your waters, move mountains from your path
with a smile from my companions. I’ll teach you how to laugh

cause I have ripped off my mask, torn down my walls
strapped up my boots to answer his call
you say that i am a rover, got no place to call my own
with a thousand places I call home,I know i am not alone

I’ve thawed out my body, I’ve put blood in my viens
cause people were crying , they were calling out my name
you say that I am a poor man, got no one to care for me
I have a million brothers , how rich can one man be?

my sister is from Boston, my brother rides the rails
my cousin is from china, my cousin brings the mail
I have met with kings who have passed away,but I know they still care
My Father lives in Heaven, MAN He’s a millionaire

saw a light in your window, thought i would pause and take a rest
say helo and goodbye and wish you all the best
I am just here on a visit , I may not be back this way
cause when my journeys overI’ll be going home to stay


He came to me and asked for a dime,”a warm cup of coffee would sure be fine”

“I have come”, he said shivering, “a long way today hoping a fella like you would come my way”

“Roads sorta rough these days, weathers been hard ,trucks sorta few , days been gloomy, that is til I saw you”

“folks are back home not doing fine, jobs are scarce, and theres no employment line”

“so I hit the road going anywhere , looking for a place to start anew, I’ve hit this town hoping that jobs are not few”

“I will work for my living ,for thats how I was raised, carry my own load , not asking for praise”

We drank coffee together and ate a bite when he anxiously said ,”Time I took a hike”.

Departing he said, “Look mister i aint today what i used to be , I just fell on hard times, don’t you see?”

“Why I had a family , a job, a big house and all that, but I lost it all when things went outa wack.”

“but give me a chance and you will see ,I can once more become the man I used to be.”


We do have faces and names
we do
even though you would prefer it to be otherwise
we do not fit your image of what a pretty street should look like so you do not see us
you look out from your pretty houses
and your voices have always been there to shout us down
our voices come attached to our names and faces
and marginal eyes
though our voices might be enfeebled one on one
as a group we with names and faces
and marginal eyes
cannot be silenced despite your best efforts
we will be keening the loss of social justice
and the noise will be unpleasant to your ears
like our names and faces
and our marginal eyes
bother your sense of whats right in the world
we do not wish to take your pretty
streets and houses from you
all we need is that you acknowledge
our names and faces
and our marginal eyes


Twas the night before Christmas
and all down the street
not a creature was stirring
even cops on the beat

Our belongings were wrapped
round our bodies with care
our sugarplums were dreams
our food bags were bare

While I on the heating grate
and Pa canvas wrapped
had just settled down
for a cold winters nap

When out in the night
there arose such a clatter
we both sprang bolt upright
to see what was the matter

The street lights shone on
the car mangled snow
you could scarce see the moon
for the citys sick glow

Then out of the gloom
save us O Lord
came a bald toothless man
in a battered old ford

He stopped right in front
of our part of the street
we all gathered round
tho no one would speak

He twinkled and eveyone
relaxed with a sigh
then he turned round to pull out
wrapped gifts piled high

“How you doing”he told us
“My name is Old Joe
my Ruth and I got no kids’
He sat in the snow

“Last winter God said
It was Ruths time to go
but it wasnt mine yet
I always was slow”

“I just had to find someone
to share Christmas with me
so here I am folks
and now-here you be’

We ate roasted turkey
stuffing and all
chopped dates and almonds
wrapped in a ball

There were presents for everyone
and jugs of hot cider
we opened one at a time
and toasted each other

Then we all toasted him
and we searched all our bags
Deb gave him a placemat
she’d woven from rags

Micky gave him a seagull
he had whittled one day
from an old broom handle
spmeone threw away

With each treasure we gave him
we watched him grow brighter
then we brightened too
soon the whole street was warmer

Then with back slaps and hugs
in the dawn of the day
he climbed into his ford and faded away

As the morning of Christmas
rose higher and higher
we stood in a circle
round our own inner fire

Christmas is what you make it
wherever you are
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good year