Needs of the poor over wants of the rich

Needs of the poor over wants of the rich

ways-to-help-the-poor– the only healthy response to increased poverty in Canada is to consider it a national outrage. Without that basic response we show ourselves as being too callous to care about the suffering in her midst

– we take the time – if we look in the spaces between the gleaming skyscrapers in the manicured lawns, we can see the stark reality of many young people, families, women and single man stricken with poverty. Shuffling along and trying to be invisible. They live in a political and economic system which celebrates welding consumerism and which therefore considers them worthless. They feel crushed by the political realities behind building a huge bridge when so many have no place to live. The emptiness of such a value system is mirrored back to us in the faces of those who know the degradation of life on the streets. Every city in many towns in Canada or witnessing homelessness, real hunger, people without socks of the winter, children who do without meals,. Many have serious problems other than poverty –


– Do not all nice grateful people for charity, they get angry, they get drunk, they beg and even steal. Sometimes they’re not very clean. Mostly we don’t even see them. Like you don’t exist – we cannot restrict our compassion to people we like

– of course there are people who cheat the system – some more effectively than others, some from the impoverished class, some from the middle class and some from the power elite.

– There are many more that the system itself has cheated and continues to cheat. Most of us believe there is a safety net out there and we need to believe it. In order to sleep at night. And any evidence to the contrary such as increasing numbers of homeless. We tend to file under lifestyle choices rather than system failures.

. – We have the privileged and the poor. We live in the same country, were ruled by the same laws, and yet the lives of those in one group are very different than those in another group. Year by year the privileged and the poor drifting further and further apart.

– I believe that the needs of the poor priority over the wants of the rich.

– I like the image of skid Row bum’s today’s poor are those who shared the middle-class dream of a steady job in owning a home until the company closed the plant and the bank foreclosed the mortgage.

– How long can the followers of Jesus Christ tolerate such a sad state of affairs,?

– Mother Teresa reminds us that Jesus comes to us disguised as the hungry Jesus, the naked Jesus, the homeless Jesus, the imprisoned Jesus. God constantly calls us to share the Earth’s resources were evenly, to give aid to the poor and to champion the causes of those who are powerless.

– We need to adopt the mind of Jesus Christ. He reached out to the poor – the poor in spirit in the poor in pocket. He got personally involved with them. He shared their life. If we are to go the Jesus way we must realize that we cannot love God and the

horror neighbor whose poor. All of us can start to live more simply, share more readily, and give more generously

– there is a marvelous blessing to be found in putting ourselves out to meet the needs of others. The blessing is that we discover Jesus, himself, is on the receiving end of our love.