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No Sorrow I Can't Heal

Jo Winkowitsch

Like a child who scrapes her knee
I sometimes limp to God for love
It feels so safe in my Fathers arms
As He lifts me up above

But though I need such comfort
I know I often run away
Causing untreated wounds to hinder
What I think and do and say

Its easier to cover up my sores
so none can see them bleed
but then I miss such opportunities
to show how God can meet each need

I will not market misery
Or flaunt it for selfish gain
But I have to find the balance
As I allow God to heal my pain

Most of us have scars of sufferring
And a cross that we must bear
Gods children are never left alone
His comforts always there

Christ remains the perfect bandaid
For Hwe sees the pains shape and length
Any injury will not distroy us
If we trust Gods power and strengh

As I work through years of denial
Toward what God wants me to be
I must deal with the rancid heartache
Of the little girl who hides in me

Freedom from dreams that torment
Is part of His remarkable goal
If I depend on Christ completely
His love will medicate my soul

When memories hit my heart with hurt
Christ knows just how i feel
And throughout my life He whispers
You have no sorrow I can not heal