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poverty is a constant war with Death

starvation the front line as Death’s infantry

humiliation never ending bombarding the soul

tears the wounds of Death’s diabolical victory

breeding hatred of the rich

rich hating the breeding of poorness

empty stomachs reaching for black bloody guns

evil harbors deaths soul twisting its reason

war blood rage endless torment spins

rains flood as the earths sorrow quakes

amid all of this voices still cry peace

prosperity walks alone in darkness

passing greed with a socialist smile

smiting starvation with grains

making death wait one more day

hope leers in shadows of forgiveness

love burns its light ever softly

joy forges beyond bunkers of envy

poverty is a constant war

poverty is war
I lived in poverty with my mother for over ten years, and I can tell you
that she never got off of welfare. She died poor, and still an undiagnosed
schizophrenic. She would talk to people who were not there, even when the
welfare department workers were present. But the welfare workers don’t have
the power to change anything.

After thousands mankind still has not figured out how to stamp out poverty.
Well if you do manage to get off welfare consider yourself lucky. The
welfare system is not designed to get you rich, or to get you back to work,
it’s designed to keep you just alive just enough for you to see the next
light of day, barely.

It makes me sick that big business, governments, and society can see how
easy it would be to quell poverty with the stoke of a pen. Unfortunately it
would cost a lot of their profits, and the money spent to eliminate poverty
would heart their share holder’s pocket book. Even though they can’t see the
over whelming benefits the elimination of poverty would bring to society.
How hard is it to raise the minimum wage? How hard is it to make a global
minimum wage? How hard is it for leaders to cut back on luxurious trips? How
hard is it to let the corporations that can’t make money fall? How hard is
it to see that there our people living in the streets? My God we are being
lead by a bunch of greedy megalomaniac’s.

As far as I’m concerned poverty groups in this country are wasting their
breath on lobbying government. The government, big business, city councils,
politicians, can take all there promises, all their statistics, all their so
called poverty fighting methods, and chuck them into the nearest waste paper
basket. Not one single person in this nation of neither ours, nor this world
should be starving, homeless, jobless, or poor in any way or shape or
manner. The world has enough recourses to support 12 billion souls. So why
has nothing changed in over 5000 years? Because poverty is war and war is
big business!

Dick and George would know all about that!

What people do not understand is that if you have no money, housing, and no
food, there is only one way to get it, and that is to either, work for it,
beg for it, or to steel it, if you what to live. That’s the bottom line. For
those that do can not work, beg or steel, they die.

In ancient native cultures poverty only accrued when there was
nothing to hunt or there was a bad season of crops that did not yelled
enough for all to eat, compared to modern day poverty which occurs mainly do
to lack of money, and not necessarily the lack of work.

In our modern age it’s not lack of food that is the major problem. It’s the
lack to be able to obtain that food. It would not make sense that if society
needs more labour to provide jobs for the unemployed, by changing the labour
laws to restrict the amount of labour one can work in a week, thus providing

To truly understand poverty one must to have lived it. Some live in extreme
poverty, while others lacked one of the three main needs: housing, food, and
clothing. In my case food was the main need, the government of the day
provided housing, most of the time, and clothing some of the time, but food
was always sacrificed for something, .for other things that were needed to
sustain our daily lives.

In the many years that I lived in poverty, I had never thought that the
impact of those days would lead me to the kind of writing I now intent to
write. Somehow I managed to get thou first year collage, write music, play
chess and work in a trade for over two decades. Poverty takes it toll in
more ways then anyone who has not starved could possibly imagine. The poor
are abused maliciously, lied to, enslaved, raped, and even murdered, but
even worst than murder the greatest crime against the poor, is they are

It’s high time people in this nation of ours learn what it is to be poor.