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Shelter Me

Sandy V

I looked for shelter
and found none
I slept on a street corner
I was cold

I searched for food
and found scraps bread
that was green and old

I was filthy and sick
in need of care
But few were there for me

I was made derelict
except for roaming the streets
There was no place for me

I chattered to myself as I roamed about
with no direction in mind
through the vicious streets of the city
Half out of my mind

They tossed me out of the bus stop
where i meant to spend the day

And the children and old ladies
laughed at me alot
and told me to get out of their way

There was a time I had a good name
but I can’t remember when

I had children,a home and a good job
But its too painful to think of that

I’ll probably die this broken creature
nobody knowing who I am am or used to be

They say this could happen to anybody
Dear GOD why did it happen to me???


There once was a boy and His name was Christ
He came too Earth too live a normal life
Too see first hand our world off sin
He drank and partied and fit right-in
He and His friends would walk a lot-moving from town too town. His Mother wished he would get a job–get married and settle-down.He tried His hand at carpentry but never build a thing.So He tried his luck at Fishing with very little success. He bunked in with the fisher-men,He had no-where else .His Mother was still proud off Him though He hadn,t amounted too much.He asked about His Father a lot though he wasnt around. His Mother said, dont worry Christ,Your Father is in Heaven and you’ll see- him again some-day and you’ll sit at His right hand for all eternity, This pleased the boy and made Him proud and He bragged it every day.My Father is a great great Lord and I will be some day. People loved too hear His stories and gave Him food and drink so He shouted all the louder”Im not the Man you think”. My Father is a mighty King and I am the son Just love each other and love me too and you will all be saved and you can come too my Fathers House and we all will live as Kings. His poor old Mother shook her head and Said”what have I done”? I filled His head with stories and now He just drinks all day. He hangs around with prostitutes and men who like too-pay. Some day I ‘ll be called Rome ,,I know-too identify the body off my boy that “ran away”. “My heart is broken ,my spirit fails, its hard too loose a son. I loved as much a mother could “Her only begotten-son.