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Bill Wilson

One Child at a time

Bill Wilson is the founder and director of Metro Inner City Children’s Campaign reaching over 20,000 people each week. His progressive mission is to find and rescue the children left behind in this battleground of drugs, violence, abuse, and filth. Bill Wilson’s model for changing lives of urban youth is now in operation in hundreds of cities around the world.

Since the beginning of Bill Wilson’s mission to the inner cities of the world he has always lived with a “Whatever It Takes” attitude. When he began reaching the inner city of New York in 1980, no one was taking the message of hope to the ghettos. Everyone had given up on them.

The first thing Bill Wilson did was to throw out the old rulebooks on how to bring change to the inner city. He knew they needed to make progress by inventing new ways of communicating a message of hope to children in order to save a generation. This was a struggle that could only be won with the power of God. They began a fast-paced children’s program that had to work in the chaos of the ghetto.

Bill WilsonThe curriculum developed by Bill Wilson is utilized in over 1000 cities around the world. And Bill Wilson’s unique concept for reaching children has been established in dozens of cities across the United States and around the world from Northern Ireland to Malaysia, and from Peru to the Philippines.

But Bill Wilson’s life story is incomplete without understanding what makes up this compassionate, insightful and determined man. It’s best told in his own words from his book, Whose Child Is This?

“My mother and I were walking down the street on the block where we lived in Pinellas Park, Florida–just north of St. Petersburg. It was near the Welcome Inn on Park Boulevard, where she worked as a barmaid.

We stopped and sat down on a concrete culvert that was built over a little drainage ditch. She was very quiet that day. After a few minutes she stood up and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. You wait here.’

I did exactly what my mom said. I sat there waiting for her to return. The sun went down, and she still wasn’t back.

For three days I sat in the Florida sun on that concrete culvert. I didn’t know where to turn. If I had known how to pray, I would have done it, but religion had no place in our home.

All I could do was try to be brave and choke back the tears that would fill up my eyes.

Mom never came back . That’s the beginning of my story, and it’s the same one we hear in the inner city over and over again. It’s about thousands of kids who have been abandoned by society. That’s why we’ve been working in the city for so long. They need more. They need to be safe and well fed. They need a family. And they need something more . . . they need God.”

Bill Wilson knows from personal experience and a lifetime of devotion to children — it takes time to build a generation. But with a commitment to work with committed people all across the globe, this living American legend is working to change the world . . .One Child At A Time.