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You have a full day of activity lined up…washing,shopping, errands…when your neighbor calls and invites you over for coffee.
She struggles with her life and doesn’t realize that she is loved by God.

Do you go?

Or a friend asks you if you will consider being a big brother to a teenager who desperately needs a father figure. It will take some precious hours out of your day.

Do you do it?
Is it worth your time?

Jesus often interrupted His schedule to minister to people He met along the way. In Matthew 20:29-34 we read that He stopped and healed two blind men who called for His help, ignoring the crowd that tried to keep the two quiet. On another occasion, Jesus rebuked His disciples for keeping little children away from Him.[Lk 18:15-17]

Author Fr.Henri Nouwen mirrored this sense of service.For the last 10 years of his life he ministered at a home for the seriously disabled, taking 2 hours every morning to bathe, shave, dress and feed a profoundly retarded man.

Serving a man incapable of responding may seem inefficient to us. But when we look at the example that Jesus set ,we learn that love and service are never a waste of time.