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Compassion Fatigue

1] Preoccupation with evil/trauma /rather than hope and healing

2] Rescuing /messiah complex

3] Increased isolation /from friends and family

4] Fatigue / emotional and physical

5] Anguish /spiritual existential

6] Overwhelmed / phony complex

7] Mood swings /depression, anxiety, lack of enjoyment,

8] Sleep problems /too much/too little sleep, numbing out

9] No leisure / no fun /no humor

10] Illness / somatic frequency

11] No self care /fixation on helping hurting people


1] Practicing the presence [pray, meditate, reflect, do personal inventory, practice gratitude]

2] Be committed to your own healing

3] Am I in the right place at this time in my life?

4] Build up your support network, personal, professional, and spiritual

5] Take care of your basic needs

6] Are you surviving or thriving?

7] Know your limits

8] What is your motivation?


 Is being aware to yourself, your authentic feelings, your motivations and your truth

 Entails risk; you cannot be sure how you will be received

 Is trust and vulnerability

 Occurs in dialogue or silence

 Always listens deeply

 Is in “being” not “doing”

 Is in caring not just curing

 Is in the NOW rather than dwelling on the past or future

 Accepts what is

 Is a means of grace and healing