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Paula Johns

Good news to the poor not just an ideal
The poor being rich is really God’s will.
He gave us all that He could give
not just so we would be able to live
but to live in abundance in action and deed
Because He would supply all of our need.
He laid the foundation
made a rich nation
like Solomon we have heaped up
the treasure
considered it rubbish
and then left it forever.
Forgetting we have more then the average people
we think that it really isn’t as useful
They see it as rich what we say is poor.
Do you know what can be done if we just commit more?
To one we give one, then ask someone too
to give to his brother and then ask a few
to give to him further and then to give me
this is the way it really should be.
To love our good neighbor then to ourself
We do it all over, this will bring wealth commitment forever or as long as you can
will make a big difference to every man
A penny a day used in this way
will do wonders to change the poor
To begin with yourself the balance of wealth
to feed the Hungry and starved.
He gives to you that you may give
If only we could receive.
We are the ones who have it all and they are the ones in need.
Pick up your pennies and dust them off
Find a way to give
Then our brothers and sisters all over the world
will have bread enough to live.
A tithe of one a tithe times ten
is really the way it should begin
Mercy is to him who gives, it’s not a sacrifice
to give to him the one true gift
The shewbread that is life.