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Human Trafficking


Prayers of the people

Holy God, we look for you, we long for you,

Let us see that you come among us

Make us aware of your presence, and grant us a glimpse of your glory

Loving Lord, help us to know that we dwell in you and you are in us,

It is you, Lord, that seeks out the straying and the lost

You desire to deliver all who are in trouble

You set out to rescue all who are oppressed

You come to us now and seek to bring us home

We rejoice in your presence and almighty power

May your church share in your healing and saving power

We pray for your church that is working in areas of violence and rejection,

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

We pray for the nations of the world and for righteous dealings

We remember today the United Nations gathering and especially the people of Israel and Palestine,

We lift up Israel, Palestine, the West bank and the Gaza strip,

We pray for peace for all people who live there and call Israel and Palestine home

We are reminded that your son Jesus was a 1st century Palestinian Jew and we pray in His name for peace

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

We pray that the resources of the earth be neither hoarded or squandered

But used to the benefit of all and the relief of those who need

Strengthen all who strive for justice and integrity in world trade

May vulnerable peoples be freed from oppression and abuse

We especially remember the more than 30 million women, men and children who are trafficked as slaves today

We pray together with the whole international church on this day of prayer for victims of human sexual and vocational trafficking

Help us with our complacency and even participation in this horrendous injustice where vulnerable people, mostly women and children, are snatched from at risk impoverished communities, abused, beaten, tortured, threatened, raped and then sold into brothels, massage parlours, strip clubs, street prostitution, casinos, and sweat shops

Forgive us for casually joking and glorifying vocations like pimp,

and for using language like whore and hooker and other degrading and yet socially acceptable words to describe people who have been created in your image.

Never let us fall into the trap of believing that any of this is acceptable in your eyes

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

God of freedom and peace, we remember all who are captives to sin, vice or addiction,

We pray for all who are consumed with hatred,

And do not know how to accept or offer forgiveness

all who are damaged by oppression, violence or abuse,

May we have compassion and concern for the poor,

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

We pray now for friends and loved ones who are ill, especially…

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

Come Lord, fill our homes with light and love

Make us sensitive in our dealings and gentle in our actions,

Keep us alert to the needs and hopes of others,

That our homes may reflect your presence and your glory

We thank-you for our church family here at the Rez,


Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free

Lord, our savior, our hope is in you and you alone,

No one is beyond your love

No one is beyond your saving power

Give us grace to recognize you and welcome you as you come to us

Through Jesus Christ our lord

Blessed Lord, hear us

And set your people free