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Poverty and the Media

-Don’t hesitate to email reporters with news ideas
-Give instant feedback to media
-Choose the angle of your story
-Push your agenda
-Get an example everyone can relate to
-Know who in the media to contact
-Give media 2 weeks lead-time
-Anytime you protest the media will look for the image that will perpetuate the stereotype of protesters as scary people
-Remember the media is a tool of the middle and upper class
-Advertising determines the news
-Theirs 2 ways to get the message of poverty out by scaring the middle class or showing how to benefit the middle class
-Ask yourself before you write; why should I care
-Make sure you speak the language of the media
-Media wants a strong story that others will relate to neighbors and friends
-Remember reporters need new ideas every day
-When you plan a press conference have it mid morning
-TV needs visual short news bites
-Simple story with emotional punch
-Attach story to an event for the visual

Re; Press Releases
-Make sure you send them to the right department
-Make sure releases are accurate
-Use lots of white space
-Avoid logos that do not show up in faxes
-Don’t use bold font
-Don’t use for “immediate release”
-Have a great grabber for your title
-Use short sentences
-Give clear directions to your event/is there parking
-Put you’re own opinions in quotes

-Re; Letters to the editor
-Pick a timely topic
-Stick to one point
-Know your letter will be edited
-Don’t write more than 3-4 letters per year