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Reasons Why Folks Sleep Outside

Reasons Why folks sleep rough outside

1/metal illness: living in a crowded shelter that may infantilize you and herd you and
cause you to be in very close proximity to strangers can be terrifying for some folks
2/ Predators: in crowded LARGE shelter prison mentality rules which means of course survival of the toughest
otherwise you may be robbed sexually assaulted extorted etc
3/ safety : of course this is an issue is many federal penitentiaries use shelter as an early release facilities
as well many offenders hide out in shelters. Criminal activity flourishes in most shelters
Also there is sometimes spontaneous violence and rampant sexual assaults especially in mixed male and female shelters
4/Barred: many folks outside have been told they cannot come back to the shelter because of past antisocial behaviour
5/Couples: want to be together sleep together
6/Animals: some have a tight relationship to an animal companion they won’t leave
7/ Addiction; some are in a constant state of intoxication and there for are denied access to shelters
8/ Freedom: some do not want to be beholden or institutionalized and are rugged survivalists’
9/Bureaucracy: You need an address to get welfare and a shelter is not deemed an address
10/Welfare: pays so little that is doesn’t cover the cost of most rental units