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REV Susan Brandt

Am I defined by doing or being?

We must be aware of our motivation, our presence, our voice…what powerful messages do we communicate non-verbally to our clients?

•In my job is there a difference between “social work” and “ministry”?

•How do you know if you are faithful in your job?

•Are you able to catch glimpses of Jesus as you serve your clients?

•What does it mean to “practice the presence of God?”

•Is your goal “cure ” or “care” for clients?

•In what ways are your concerns for clients motivated by your needs or theirs?

•What experiences of personal poverty have you had to now allow you to see it and understand it in those you minister to?

•How do you find the strength to see so many people daily sharing their pains?

•What joy can there be in solidarity with the poor, the sick, and the dying?

•Am I a whole person seeking to express my wholeness through ministry or am I a person trying to find my wholeness in ministry?

•Am I able to acknowledge the presence of the sacred in all I meet?

•Can I enter into someone else’s pain without curing it?

•What does it mean to be “an ambassador for Jesus”?

•Do I treat all people as “children of God”?

•Is my work with His poor a “job” or “a calling”?

•How do you measure success in your job?

•What is more important: the work of “now” or the work of “tomorrow”?

•Do you show favouritism? Why?

•Do you only give out of your “surplus”?

•Are results of your work the criteria of your self-esteem?

•In your work are relationships given a higher priority than production?

•How do you handle your “power” over your clients?

•Do you cry for those whose tears have run dry?

•When those you minister to raise questions from below can you give answers from above?

•How can I be with the poor when I am unwilling to confess my own poverty?

•Today as before, Jesus comes among His own…Can you see Him?

•Are you kinder to those you like?