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Regarded by historians as a legendary character Nicholas is supposed to have lived in the 4th centuryA.D.

Born in Patara Turkey into a wealthy family Nicholas was a made a priest by his uncle the Arch Bishop of Myra.

At the death of his parents Nicholas gave all his savings to the poor and went to Palestine to work with the poor there.

Returning to Myra he was made Bishop.

According to legend the Arch Bishop of the seaport just died and the local clergy had decided that the first priest entering the church on the following morning would become bishop.
That was Nicholas who became the Bishop of Myra.

There are many stories around the person of Nicholas who later became known as St Nicholas because of his generosity and kindness to the poor.

In 1087 some Italian merchant stole the body of St Nicholas and brought it to Puglia S. Italy and later a great basilica was consecreted on the site in his honor.