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The Beggar

By Susan Brandt

The Beggar
By Susan Brandt

Many years ago there was a beggar who sat by the side of the road and as traffic went by no one paid attention to him. But one day he heard the noise of a crowd and knew that something was happening. Someone important was passing by.

He asked “What’s happening? What’s going on?” The bystanders replied “its Jesus of Nazareth. He is coming. He is on his way with his disciples to Jerusalem.”

The beggar cried out, “Jesus son of David have mercy on me.” Luke tells us that the leaders, the ones who preceded Jesus; perhaps even the disciples said this to the beggar” Shut up, be quiet. Don’t disturb the status quo.”

All too often I sense that we are afraid to feel the hurt, the pain and the suffering of this world. We anaesthetize ourselves. We keep ourselves inundated with sensations and with noise and with activities so we won’t see the pain of this world. Jesus disciples were walking down the road and Jesus had important things to do. They were important people because they were with Jesus and who has time for blind beggars anyway.

But the blind man would not shut up. He cried even louder,”Jesus son of David have mercy on me,”

And Jesus did something astonishing. he stopped and everyone with him had to stop. Then Jesus called to the man. In the midst of the press and the multitudes and the dust and the crowds. Jesus had time for one persons hurt.

How do you care for a lost world? One person at a time one by one and the world changes.

Jesus healed a blind man and the world learned to care for blind beggars.