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George McDonald

*It is imperative on us to get rid of the tyranny of things.Trust God ; all things are possible! He can save even the very rich.

*It must be one of the punishments of riches to that they make the sight of poverty so disagreeable! To luxury , poverty is a living reproach.

*We are rich or poor according to what we are ,not what we have.

*But it is not the rich man only who is under the dominion of things, they too are slaves who , having no money, are unhappy for the lack of it.

*If the people who want to do good amoung the poor would give up patronizing them and would cease from trying to convert them before they have gained the smallest personal influence with them, would visit them as those who have just as good a right to be here as they have, it would be all the better for both, perhaps chiefly for themselves.

*Things go wrong because men have such absurd and impossible notions about possession. They are always trying to possess, to call there own Mammon, the most contemptable of Dieties, is the most worshipped both outside and inside the house of God: to many of the religious rich the great damning revelation to the poor to whom they thought themselves very kind.